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Lanman Adventures

Some dear friends of mine — Rachel and Jon Lanman — have been on a number of amazing skiing and backpacking adventures. Lucky for us, they’re both fantastic writers and have made a blog to tell us all about them (replete with photos). I recommend to start at the beginning and read all the entries, but I’ve pulled some quotes in case you need further convincing.

The trail carries us further distances, carved into a hillside, parting a field of grass. Flowers appear like fireworks keeping my attention busy, as my quads contract, pushing me further from the cities in my head.

Jon Lanman — Big SEKI Loop – Trail Journal: Day 2

The meadow is a popular day hiking destination, and it’s easy to see why. It is a wide and steep valley, about 1 mile in length flanked by granite and snow. We enter the valley from the east – where the trees give way to open fields of flowers. At the western end it knits back together 1,000 ft above the valley floor at the bottom of the Spider Gap glacier. The sound of water is everywhere – coming from tiny waterfalls in every direction. A bubbling creek flows to our left. Flowers and butterflies, lifting fog and sunshine create a swirling, mystical beauty to an already breathtaking place. It’s morning and everything is drying off in the early morning sunshine, ourselves included. We take several pictures and then start making our way up the meadow to the base of the glacier. It’s a strenuous climb out of the meadow, so I put on my game face and start walking.

Rachel Lanman — Spider Gap – Buck Creek Pass Loop – Day 1

Less than a mile from the JMT junction, we notice it’s happening again. Behind us, over the peaks, the clouds begin to darken, moving in our direction. This is to be expected. We move on until the sprinkles gently tap our backs, reminding us of yesterday – “remember us” they say.

Jon Lanman — Big SEKI Loop – Trail Journal: Day 4

When I read their words I can see what they saw, hear what they heard. Their excitement shines through in their thoughtful descriptions, as does the wonder of nature. Thanks for sharing, Jon and Rachel.