Web Design & Development

Grandio Greenhouses Mobile Conversion

The Grandio Greenhouses site was originally built by another contractor but was not built responsively, meaning it didn’t adapt to phones or other small screens. I’ve completed the conversion while keeping the desktop site intact, and collected some screenshots to show some of my favorite parts.

Riga Greenhouse Kit

Here’s a quick look at the home page of the full redesign of Riga Greenhouse Kit. I particularly like the inverted greenhouse silhouette for the logo.

Stocks & Markets Widget

This was a very fast design and build of a stock/market widget that downloaded, processed and stored data, then sent it to the visualizer for use on the front page of an already completed website.

The whole project was delivered in just a few weeks. I’ll be taking more time on these in the future.

960 Grid System 12 column Cheat Sheet

I decided it was time to learn the 960 Grid System for coding web sites. And what better way to learn than to make my own cheat sheet. Let me know if you find this useful and maybe I’ll make a 16 column cheat sheet as well.
960 Grid System – 12 Column Quick Reference

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