Other Design


Just a fun little thing I coded in JavaScript. I wanted a way to translate basic text into ASCII art. So here’s a page that will do just that, complete with a custom made ASCII font. Anything you type in the first box will be translated into the ASCII font below. I’m not divulging what project this is for yet, but I will say it’s meant to make chapter headers for a story.

Information Systems Design

iPad Designer PDF's

I was working on some ideas for an iPad app, and thought it might be useful to actually draw on one. Well, kinda. Anyway, I made these PDF’s so that I can easily print out an iPad whenever I need one. While I was at it I thought I’d let you all use them too. I can’t promise that the sizes are perfect, they are very close to the real thing (may very depending on your printer and settings). Feel free to download and print as many as you want, just send your friends here if they ask where you got it. Enjoy!

For the minimalist, a blank iPad.
For the precise, an iPad with a .25 inch grid.
And for the detail oriented, pre-imaged with keyboards and status bars in the vertical and horizontal flavors.

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